Milan Design Week 24 •

from 14 to 21 April 2024

SB26 / new lamps  • 14 /18 April
LABO – via Biella, 6 • Milano

Samuel Accoceberry / alabaster lamps • 14 / 18 April
LABO – via Biella, 6 • Milano

PIERRE FREY / Callista sofa & armchair • 16 / 21 April
Via Fatebenefratelli, 3 – Milano

TOULEMONDE BOCHART / Tumulus rug • 16 / 21 April
Rho Fiera – Hall 18 Stand C10

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Last collaboration with La Boite Concept • M&O March 2022

from 24 to 28 March 2022

The latest acoustic solution from La Boite Concept, the LX X expresses, with its unique design, Samuel’s new collaboration for the brand.

Developed with and without a plate, the LX X with its emblematic X-shaped foot, as well as the care given to details, reveal the common requirement of Timothée Cagniard (manager of La Boite Concept) and Samuel to enhance the know-how of both sound and design.


M&O Paris Villepinte • Hall7 - D10 • Espace Signature

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Outline collection for SIFAS • M&O sept. 21

from 9 until 13 September 2021

The Outline outdoor furniture collection for SIFAS will be presented during the September edition of the M&O fair.

This collection includes : chair, bridge, tables, coffee tables, sofas & armchair.




M&O Paris Villepinte • SIFAS • hall6 - N92/L91

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Solar forRADAR • Fuori Salone Milano

from 5 until 10 September 2021

Launch of the Solar collection for RADAR during the Off route of the Salone del Mobile at Dovetusai.

A range available in suspension, sconce and ceiling lamp.





Dovetusai • Via Rossini, 3 • Milan

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SB26 at M&O janvier 20 • Paris

from 17 until 21 January 2020 • M&0 espace CRAFT

SB26 will show new pieces during  the next M&O fair.

SB26 is a workshop and a furniture editor brand too, launched by designer Samuel Accoceberry and ironworker Bruce Cecere. Together, like goldsmiths, they explore the limits of metalworking through the production of fine furnitures.



SB26 • M&O espace CRAFT • 5A  stand J30-L31

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Biennale Révélations 19 with SB26

from 23 until 26 May 2019 • Grand Palais Paris

On the occasion of this first participation in the Biennale Révélations under the SB26 label, we will present with Bruce Cecere our new creations around the association of glass and metal.

These new pieces will highlight materiality, colors and proportions.



BIENNALE REVELATIONS • Grand Palais • Stand J2 • Paris

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Workspace 19 with KATABA

from 16 until 18 April 2019

For this first collaboration with KATABA, we will present the Kompa desk system and the acoustic screen Nebula during WorkSpace Expo.
These two ranges have been rigorously developed in an eco-design approach, in collaboration with MU Cooperative to address the current issues of use and especially environmental.
The MU Cooperative is an agency specialized in environmental engineering.


WORKSPACE EXPO PARIS • Porte de Versailles • Stand A33

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FLEXFORM MOOD • Salone del Mobile 19

from 9 until 14 April 2019

For this renewed collaboration, we will present the Elsa fireside chair and the Egon mirror, in the spirit of the range developed during the last Milanese edition.




FLEXFORM MOOD • Milano Rho Fiera • Hall5 - E11 F02

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Contis for BOSC • Maison&Objet 19

from 18 until 22 January 2019

Launch of Contis, a range of outdoor and indoor sofas in different possible versions.


BOSC • M&O Hall 6 - I 67 • Paris Villepinte

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Biennale Emergences 18 • Pantin

from 11 until 14 October 2018

Exhibition of new pieces under the SB26 label co-created by Samuel Accoceberry Studio and Atelier Bruce Cecere.

These creations are always at the crossroads of fine ironwork, contemporary expression and beautiful workmanship.


Biennale Emergences • Centre National de la Danse • Pantin

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4 & 5 October 2018

The Linea 3D range is completed by 2 new designs: Bamboo and Bamboo Wave. Both products will be presented at the next ARCHITECT@WORK show in Nantes. Linéa 3D is a range of innovative acoustic and decorative solutions for LAUDESCHER.

These new products are created by the WOODLABO collective (Gaël Wuithier, Benoît Beaupy and Samuel Accoceberry Studio).



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Jardin Jardin 18

from 30 May until 3 June 2018 • JARDIN JARDIN

Exhibition of Beam bench in different finishes and lengths, adaptable for both outdoor and indoor.

MoWo is a brand of contemporary solid wood furniture in the spirit of framing.
The oak used all come from France.

JARDIN JARDIN • Jardin des Tuileries • Paris

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Collaboration with FLEXFORM

from 17 until 22 April 2018 • Salone Del Mobile • Milan

For this first collaboration with FLEXFORM we will present 3 pieces (JosefBenjamin and Biarritz) in the MOOD collection.


FLEXFORM • Rho Fiera • Hall 5 - Stand E11 F02

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First Salone del Mobile for BOSC

from 17 until 22 April 2018 • Salone Del Mobile • Milan

Presentation of BOSC whole range with some new finishes to discover.


BOSC • Rho Fiera • Hall 10 – Stand E03

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Launching of Pixel range for IPI at WTCE 18 fair - Hamburg

from 10 until 12 April 2018 • World Trade Catering Expo • Hamburg

During the World Travel Catering Expo 18 in Hamburg, we will be launching the new Pixel range with IPI.

It is a range of washable two-color set for airline catering service.


WTCE 18 • IPI • Stand IE70

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21 & 22 September 2017

At the next ARCHITECT @ WORK – Paris, we will present the LINEA 3D range which illustrates the beginning of our collaboration with LAUDESCHER, a leader in acoustic solutions and wood cladding for architecture.

It is under the collective WOODLABO (Gaël Wuithier, Benoît Beaupy and Samuel Accoceberry Studio) that we support the company for a little over a year, in a global design approach that combines strategy, innovation and identity.


Paris Event Center • 20 Porte de la Villette • 75019 Paris

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Jardin Jardin 17

from 1 until 4 June 2017 • JARDIN JARDIN

Coming from the collaboration with the Moreau & Fils sawmill, we will present a brand of contemporary solid wood furniture in the spirit of framing.

For the launch of the brand Mo.Wo., we present the bench Beam in different finishes and lengths and adaptable for the exterior and interior.

JARDIN JARDIN • Jardin des Tuileries • Paris

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SIMONA soap for Maison Milan at WANTED DESIGN fair

from 20 until 23 May 2017 • NYC

Unusual, complex, imposing, black, very very black … Simona is the opposite of the idea that one is made of a soap.
Simona is 555 grams of tactile and olfactory adventure.

During the fair in Manhattan, we will present for the first time this so unique soap.

WANTED DESIGN Manhattan • Terminal Stores • 269 11th Avenue • New York NY

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Exhibition of MOON lamp and SHAN SHUI at Salon REVELATION - GRAND PALAIS

from 4 until 8 May 2017 • Paris

As part of the Salon Revelations, we will present two projects from collaborations with two artisans.

The first is the Moon lamp made with the Atelier Bruce Cecere, is exhibited on the space D’Days / Péri’Fabrique – Stand L8.

The second is the series of Shan Shui vases made by the glassmaker Vincent Breed and exhibited on the space BeeMedias – Stand G8.

GRAND PALAIS • Avenue Winston Churchill • 75008 Paris

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TERRAZZO rug for TOULEMONDE BOCHART at Salone Del Mobile

from 3 until 9 April 2017 • Milano

Our last TERRAZZO rug for TOULEMONDE BOCHART will be presented at the Milan Furniture Fair.

This is an interpretation, in the form of tufted carpet, of the famous mineral material.

TOULEMONDE BOCHART • Rho Fiera MILANO • Pad.6 - Stand D45

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New CUBE Corian Series for


The latest version CUBE CS is the new model on both technically and aesthetically the Cube series. It comes in the form of a body covered with Corian and feet in walnut.

A new center speaker high performance aluminum membrane was developed by the laboratory of La Boite concept exclusive to this version CS.

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