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Under the initiative of Florent Canini, manager of the company INOX PYRENEES (manufacturer of stainless steel kitchens for professionals), he wanted to develop an outdoor kitchen module.

He thus enlisted the services of Samuel Accoceberry Studio to develop the design and coordinate the image of EKKIN, which aims to be a new editor-manufacturer of outdoor furniture and conviviality. The idea is to offer furniture that allows people to gather and share together around a gourmet moment, a fundamental aspect of the culture of the southwest.

Hence the name in Basque: EKIN (together) + EKI (the sun) = EKKIN.

In the field of outdoor kitchens, the EKKIN brand aims to stand out with its innovative approach and refined aesthetics. Functionality is at the heart of Samuel Accoceberry’s design for this project. Every element, whether it’s the work surfaces, storage, or accessories, is designed to facilitate outdoor meal preparation. Intelligent storage spaces, weather-resistant surfaces, and clever cooking solutions ensure an uncompromising culinary experience with smooth and efficient ergonomics.

Samuel has captured the very essence of the pleasure of cooking outdoors. His artistic approach and attention to detail are reflected in the Parta kitchen, offering cooking enthusiasts sophisticated aesthetics and exceptional performance.

Samuel Accoceberry Studio has been involved in the various phases of the project, working with the different partners proposed to ensure its coherence.

• Brand strategy and identity with ANTZEA – Stefanie Schnitzer
• Logo and graphic charter with STUDIO WAAZ
• Website by ANTZEA – Stefanie Schnitzer
• Photography by David Duchon-Doris and Papi aime Mamie
• Communication strategy by Design Project Agency

Collaboration since 2021.

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