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Twig is a collection of three-dimensional lamps, made from LG OLED technology.

It develops as a sculptural and structured ensemble that seems in tension. The light looks in movement and is revealed from different angles. Also its irregular shape changes according to the different point of view of it.

The lamp is composed by flexible Luflex light ribbons of LG OLED that are clipped onto a metal structure.

Winning project of LG OLED Design Contest 17 – 3rd Prize.

Dimensions : Suspension W 870 x D 900 x H 500 mm • Suspension XL W 1000 x D 1650 x H 650 mm • Table lamp W 250 x D 330 x H 530 mm

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Twig • suspension

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Twig • XL suspension

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Twig • table lamp

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