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For this project, we developed the design of the CMA4-5G transmitter for the company Augmented Acoustics.
Our aesthetic approach was to transcribe the spirit of innovation, technology and sound quality excellence through a disruptive, sober and singular design.
Faithful to the brand’s aesthetic codes, the architecture of the front fa├žade is based on a central triangle from which sound waves propagate. Thus the diagonal lines animate the structure and highlight the overall composition and details of information.
As HD sound quality is invisible, our aim was to make it loud and readable at the same time.

The CMA4-5G is actually a transmitter / terminal, which is based on 5G technology. Thus with this device connected to the console of the sound engineer of the event and with the mobile application developed for this use, all spectators can benefit from HD sound as well as the possibility of modulating their own sound in time. real in the room, in a very simple way.
Beyond the common audio settings, the mobile application offers the possibility to configure each audio source separately. Raising the singer’s voice during a concert, choosing his favorite speaker during a match, the language of dubbing in a movie theater are just a few examples of all the possibilities offered by the system.

Augmented Acoustics is a company offering an innovative solution to spectators of live events (concerts, shows, sporting events, etc.). Their goal is to offer a highly qualitative experience and an interactive and personal sound experience.

Dimensions : 430 x 43 x 208 mm

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